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About APFM-Systems

Our aim is to provide safe, useful solutions to make your daily work more efficient and effective. With decades of experience and trusted colleagues we provide assistance in data management, administration, and all aspects of property management. We make the life of our partners easier with the use of up to date systems allowing for transparent and manageable operations.
Our easy to use software offers simple solutions for the most complicated problems, such as municipal settlements. We can shorten the need for a long coaching period to weeks or days instead of months. The notification operator is the easiest to use system with such knowledge.
We treat our partners with respect and their data responsibly. Extra personal customer support is available if you use our programs. We can provide temporary or permanent support for data entry, analysis, or for the operating system.
Based on the types of problems we have encountered over our years of operation our solutions are efficient, proven, and reliable. We participate in calls for tender in property management and facility management, city audit and methodological work of trade associations. Our goal is to make our problem-solving solutions universal so that we have immediate proven solutions for your use.
Get an offer for professional attendance for occasionally used or regular data administration.

Viktor Hegedüs dr. iur.
Managing Director