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We are the solution!

As trainees we need to learn the systems in a short time frame and to work with systems similar to those that we are already familiar with and use every day.

We would like to work with well-known functions and design that are familiar from proven systems of the 21st century.

As a manager, I have to satisfy different requirements: clients want to know everything immediately; co-workers want to have exact task schedules, and my supervisors expect me to cope with problems quickly. And I need to be the link between all three. It would be great to have a tool to avoid unnecessary work and communication.

It would be great to have a program that allows all participants to access information, check their tasks, and enable them to communicate with each other directly and automatically.

When I founded my company the world was a different place. Technology did not allow us to have internet and fax machines. We made everything personally. The secret to the success of my company is the enthusiasm of my colleagues. We have grown corporately because my colleagues love what they do.

My colleagues should feel comfortable with and the ownership of our business systems.

As a business development manager I give assistance to the preparation of tender materials. In some tenders we have to use the given systems, in others we have to offer our own solution. In these cases it would be good to have a system that we can be proud to introduce as ours or might be familiar for those who called for the tender.

I would like to use a system that will show our clients that we are a professional company.

As head of customer service for a local government, on busy days it is a problem to keep all of the data and documentation in order.

We need a system that will facilitate and automate this process in a timely way. With the help of this program our clients are more satisfied and our staff can work more efficiently.

As Director of Property Management, I have to make countless decisions and solve many problems every day. To be successful, it is crucial that our colleagues work quickly and independently, so we need to give them efficient tools.

I need a solution that can process and manage tasks easily, that can facilitate the daily work of my employees, as well as my own.