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We are the solution!

As an accountant I have been involved in the implementation of different systems for a variety of companies. Testing periods were a nightmare when processing data. After repeated attempts I lost my enthusiasm.

I dream of a mature, tested system in which our data will be automatically processed and I will be shown what and where to find the data I need.

As a financial manager I have an idea of what things cost. I know how many extra resources will be needed to implement a large integrated system and what the annual cost of licenses is. I do not want to buy a complex system and only utilize 10-20%of its knowledge. I also do not appreciate it when a system appears to be free and then paid services are added as hidden costs after we become familiar with the system.

I would like to have a complex, practical, cost-effective system that will obtain demonstrable savings with planned costs.

As trainees we need to learn the systems in a short time frame and to work with systems similar to those that we are already familiar with and use every day.

We would like to work with well-known functions and design that are familiar from proven systems of the 21st century.

As Director of Property Management, I have to make countless decisions and solve many problems every day. To be successful, it is crucial that our colleagues work quickly and independently, so we need to give them efficient tools.

I need a solution that can process and manage tasks easily, that can facilitate the daily work of my employees, as well as my own.

As head of customer service for a local government, on busy days it is a problem to keep all of the data and documentation in order.

We need a system that will facilitate and automate this process in a timely way. With the help of this program our clients are more satisfied and our staff can work more efficiently.

For me as data administrator the system design, the button layout and the selection of colors really matters. When you look at one desktop 8 hours a day then it should be simple and logical.

We would like to have screens that do not hurt the eye even if we look at it for an extended period of time. Buttons should be located conveniently, we do not want to search for where things are.