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ahd ahd
AHD logo
AHD is a fully functional CAFM system that provides support, related to property and facility management tasks.
The aim of the AHD system is to keep colleagues such as the Facility Manager, the dispatcher, the repairmen and of course the tenant up-to-date about the notifications so they can be solved as soon as possible.
With AHD you can:
  • Submit tickets by scanning NFC or QR code
  • Notify and solve any failure ASAP
  • Display automatic up-to-date reports and status charts
  • Add e-signatures to the worksheets
AHD Cleaning
This simple tool was created to maximize the efficiency of cleaning work.
The aim of AHD Cleaning is to contribute to the maintenance of the highest quality cleaning services and to present the results of the cleaning staff without having to print paper attendance lists.
With AHD Cleaning you can:
  • Track the cleaning staff work performance
  • Allow cleaning staff to confirm their presence by NFC scanning
  • Download current reports
  • Allow building users to report about requests and problems
ahd_cleaning ahd_cleaning
ALF logo
Complex property management software created to fully support financial processes.
ALF provides information on the current financial situation for property managers, tenants and the owners of the buildings.
With ALF you can:
  • Manage the contract register
  • Download SC reconciliations tables with several options
  • Set up a multi-level approval system for incoming invoices
  • Download daily reports and financial statements
alf alf
yammaya yammaya
Yammaya logo
Modern self-registration desk for guests and tenants.
The system’s automation allows recording of all visitors and provides easy and fast building entry without involving the reception staff.
With Yammaya:
  • Guests can register themselves at the desk
  • Hosts can register their guests in the system
  • Tenants and registered guests can enter by PIN or scanning QR code
  • Security staff is able to constantly monitor the movement of people in the building
Get The Place
Get The Place (GTP) is a simple online booking system that allows you to share and reserve parking spaces, desks, conference rooms and any other resources.
With Get the Place you can:
  • Choose desired location from the floor plan
  • Share your space with others during your absence
  • Reserve parking spaces also for your guests
gtp gtp

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For more than 15 years, we have been providing support for processes related to property management with the help of our professional and reliable team.

With our modern systems, we make data and their administration transparent and manageable.

Our goal is to offer safe, correct, proven solutions to our Partners, as we have been doing for more than a decade - both in Central and Eastern Europe.


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