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The APFM AHD is a complex property management, CAFM software created for managing failures, maintenance, and daily tasks
This web-based system allows you to keep up to date with the work of maintenance staff and subcontractors.

Thanks to AHD your contracted partners can view operating manuals, maintenance instructions and job related tasks from one place.

Main modules

  • Submit a new request on PC or mobile device
  • Upload photos, documents and other essential files
  • Submit tickets by scanning QR codes
  • Let subcontractors add new tickets without logging into the system
  • E-signature: sign worksheets at the place of repair
  • Assign used materials and repair time to the task
  • Email feedback to users on all important steps
  • Filter your annual plan by subcontractor, task type, location or time
  • Up-to-date overview of all maintenance tasks
  • Subcontractors will receive automatic e-mail notifications related to their tasks
  • Supplies and inventory management for a building
  • Recording meter values
  • Managing recurring daily tasks by creating checklists
  • Let the maintenance staff to report about current condition of each and every place and scan the NFC code to confirm their presence
  • Identify each machine with QR or NFC code
  • Scan the code with a mobile device to add a new ticket, view machine’s history, maintenance tasks and current failure notes
  • Manage your reservations within the system
  • Book meeting rooms and parking for your guests or request maintenance time
  • Pre-register the visitors such as guests and subcontractors and control their entrance and exit in the building
  • View statements and automatic up-to-date reports
  • Display data from external sensors connected to the system
  • Upload your own report templates
  • Set time intervals and send automatic e-mails with the reports

Additional functions

SLA monitoring
Assign your contracted SLA deadlines manually or automatically to each task or task type and the system will record which tasks were completed on time.
Periodic view of tasks
A periodic view of tasks helps you to see how long a task took to be solved and whether each work phase took longer than ideal. This feature helps you plan the work more efficiently.
Unique start screen
Set a personalized screen with building information, contacts, floor plans and other useful information.