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Our online booking system allows you to manage all your reservations ensuring a smooth flow of work and hospitality within the organization.
What are the main features of GTP?
  • Stand-alone database
  • Booking parking spots, desks, conference rooms and any other available resources
  • Sharing the private places with others
  • Individual search preferences
  • The system ranks available places, based on the user's preferences and habits
  • Parking places, desks, rooms and users can be assigned to cost code
  • Adjustable notifications
  • Possibility of group booking
  • Runs in a browser
When GTP collaborates Yammaya:

Different alternatives for secure access to parking and office buildings are available using the GTP and Yammaya system together and combining the following:
  • With license plate recognition system
  • With a security guard who can access the system and bookings, allowing you to open the barrier by checking your name and registration number
  • For reservations, a QR or PIN code can be generated in GTP, which is required to open the barrier / gate or to issue an access card – so only those with a reservation can enter
  • Guests can get an entrance card in the reception area of the building using the Yammaya kiosk – with pre- and self-registration as well