AHD Cleaning

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AHD Cleaning allows managers to monitor the presence and work of cleaning staff, as well as to keep them informed about current problems and needs.
  1. Locations designated for cleaning tasks in the system can be added as checkpoints because of the NFC or QR code stickers, placed there.
  2. Cleaners can scan and manage on-site tasks on their mobile devices by scanning NFCs or QR codes in the building.
  3. A specially designed overview is available for the management so they can check the actual status of the work.
  4. Both cleaning staff and managers can be notified in time of the delays depending on the settings of the checkpoints.
Checking the presence of cleaners at the workplace and indicating actual working time is possible by:
  • Creating zones within the building that require specific work of a single worker or a cleaning team
  • Assigning an NFC code to each of the zones and specifying the location where the work will begin and end
  • Providing NFC-enabled mobile phones for cleaning staff, as well as an easy-to-use user interface
  • Enabling start and complete tasks in each zones via mobile scanning