APFM-Systems Wins the 2024 Scale Up Proptech Award

Scale Up Proptech Award - 2024
Thanks to a successful professional year, APFM-Systems has won the 2024 Scale Up Proptech Award. In the fast-paced world of Proptech, APFM-Systems has excelled in both professional performance and company culture over the past year.
APFM-Systems aims to support all processes related to asset and facility management, thus increasing the efficiency and convenience of their clients' work. The Budapest-based company has been present in the European market for more than 12 years, offering software solutions for various problems and tasks in property management, focusing primarily on standardizing real estate management processes.

Their modern and up-to-date systems make data and its administration transparent and easy to handle. They offer only tested and certified solutions, which are used in both small and large shopping and office centers, logistics parks, factories, residential, and mixed-use buildings. They support more than 300 A-category commercial properties, 2000 bank branches, and an additional 3000 other locations in Hungary and several other European countries.
Stable Growth and Team Spirit
APFM-Systems prides itself not only on professional success but also on stable growth in revenue and profit. The company's team spirit is outstanding, characterized by a steady team of colleagues and a solid growth rate. This has paralleled an increase in efficiency. It's not uncommon for former colleagues to return to the team, demonstrating loyalty among both owners and employees.
Quick Response and Customer Relations
One of APFM-Systems' main strengths is its extra-fast response support. They are always available to their clients, and in case of problems, they appear and resolve the situation with maximum speed. Their continuous product development is based on examining real problems, which they identify and solve based on their clients' needs. At APFM-Systems, clients are true partners who often refine product developments with their needs for maximum results.
Outstanding Projects in the Past Year
  • Collaboration with GTC

    APFM-Systems is now present in seven countries through its collaboration with GTC, having implemented a 700 m² introduction in the past year.
  • OTP Partnership

    In partnership with OTP, they expanded the functions of the ALF solution, increasing their efficiency.
Innovative Stable Product Developments
In the past year, APFM-Systems has carried out several product developments they are particularly proud of:
Key Features of the ALF System

  1. Comprehensive Report Generation: ALF can create detailed insurance and guarantee reports, providing the necessary information for informed decision-making.
  2. Easily Accessible Data: Contract data can be downloaded in a user-friendly Word format, making important information accessible to everyone in the organization for a given day.
  3. Automatic Notifications: ALF sends timely notifications to tenants about overdue payments, insurance, and missing guarantees, ensuring effective communication and proper follow-up.
  4. Seamless Data Import: Supplier invoice data can be imported directly from NAV, ensuring efficient and accurate record-keeping, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and reducing the risk of errors.
New AHD System
Their brand-new AHD system, introduced in 2024, meets today's needs, providing further innovation for their clients.
International Presence
APFM-Systems' activities extend beyond Hungary to nearby countries, including Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Slovakia. Thanks to this international expansion, the company has a steadily growing customer base in these countries, who are eager to use and spread the systems developed by APFM-Systems in other regions as well. The solutions provided by APFM-Systems thus significantly contribute to increasing the efficiency of various regional businesses, positively impacting their business results and strengthening their market positions.

With this award, APFM-Systems has proven that it not only stands its ground in the world of Proptech but also takes a leading role, thanks to its innovative stable solutions and excellent customer relationships.