Successful Partnership between CPI and APFM-Systems

A Comprehensive Property Management System
For over a decade, CPI Hungary and APFM-Systems have collaborated to build and maintain an innovative property management solution. This partnership has yielded remarkable results, contributing to CPI’s impressive growth by optimizing their strategy and cost-efficiency, while reinforcing their commitment to ethical business practices and sustainability.
CPI Property Group: Leading Property Owner and Operator
CPI Property Group is a leading long-term owner of income-generating properties in the Czech Republic, Berlin, and Central and Eastern Europe. The company owns and operates a large, diversified, and high-quality real estate portfolio, including office and retail segments, hotels, resorts, residential properties, land banks, and development properties.
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At CPI Hungary, we believe that preserving and increasing property value is key to a successful future,

Gyula Győri
Operations Director at CPI
Their goal is to offer socially and environmentally moral solutions while proudly showcasing their innovative business solutions and operations.

They continuously educate their environment and employees, resulting in professional operation. Their business model is based on transparent operation and reliability, ensuring their clients can trust that their projects are managed with personal oversight and complex systems that help in efficient operation.

With years of experience behind them, they are committed to sustainability while developing real estate projects that stand the test of time.
APFM-Systems AHD Solution: Providing Comprehensive Support
In recent years, CPI’s Hungarian portfolio has tripled. Despite this rapid growth, the company has maintained high standards of operation and moral and social norms. The partnership with APFM-Systems has been crucial to this success. The AHD solution offers several functions that help CPI Hungary optimize their property management processes. These functions include:

  • Uploading, reporting, and documenting tasks
  • Creating and executing maintenance plans
  • Using task checklists
  • Recording machine conditions
  • Managing meeting room and parking space bookings
  • Registering visitors
  • Creating up-to-date reports and summaries

These functions enable CPI Hungary to manage their expanding portfolio effectively while maintaining transparency and cost-efficiency.
Conversation with Gyula Győri, CPI Facility Management Director: Flexible and Scalable Proptech Solution
When Gyula Győri, CPI Operations Director, first approached APFM-Systems’ proptech expert Dr. Viktor Hegedüs, he needed a comprehensive property management system that provides simple tracking, flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness. The AHD solution developed by APFM-Systems fully met these needs.
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The AHD solution continuously adapts to the changing needs of facility management without requiring long implementation times or extensive retraining.

One of the best features of APFM-Systems is flexibility. Whenever we expanded, APFM-Systems was there to adapt and technologically follow our new system. This is a partnership, not just a provider-client relationship.

Gyula Győri
APFM-Systems, with the AHD solution, created a customized platform that not only met CPI’s current needs but also supported future growth.
Cost-Efficiency, Planning, and Reporting with the AHD Solution
The comprehensive functionality of APFM-Systems’ AHD solution allows CPI to simplify its operations. From maintenance and asset tracking to cleaning services, the system provides an overall view of the company’s daily activities. This transparency allows CPI to plan budgets and make informed decisions.
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The ability to create detailed reports is invaluable, helping to understand processes in detail and preparing for strategic decisions. The system has become an integral part of our daily operations and structure.

Gyula Győri
The continuous updates and improvements by APFM-Systems do not require additional training, ensuring a seamless user experience. This ease of use enhances CPI’s overall efficiency, allowing the company to focus on their clients and value-creating missions.
A Partnership Built for the Future
CPI’s relationship with APFM-Systems demonstrates the power of collaboration and innovation. As CPI continues to expand its portfolio and maintain high standards of professional operation and commitment to social and environmental responsibility, the partnership with APFM-Systems remains a crucial cornerstone of their success. The AHD functions of APFM-Systems adapt to business needs and grow together, positioning CPI well to tackle future challenges and opportunities.
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Our collaboration with APFM-Systems goes beyond technology, embracing a culture of continuous improvement and education. This is a key part of our philosophy, growth, and success strategy.

Gyula Győri