YAMMAYA - Contactless entry system

Supporting health and safety in buildings
The WELL Health-Safety Rating is already available in Hungary for office buildings and other buildings also, which essentially draws attention to the importance of people's well-being and health at work and encourages employers to follow this way.

In recent years, efforts have been made to make common areas medically safe, and people pay more attention to this in their daily lives, so workplaces must also adapt to the new needs.
The above-mentioned certification examines the building management of the given office building in several areas, and with different strategies they help to create and maintain the processes that make the occupants of the building feel safer.

These include, among others, strict cleaning regulations, air and water quality, safety measures - and providing constant and clear information on these to all occupants.

The first point of contact for precautions and those arriving in the building is the entrance and reception. The presence of a receptionist near the entrance of the building may involve more health risks. Firstly, he is exposed to the danger of dust and pollen infiltrating from the street, which can lead to illness in the long term.

In addition, if this receptionist takes care of the access control and registration processes, he may come into contact with hundreds of people every day, which can greatly increase the risk of infection. As a result, As a result, it is impossible to create an entrance that would be fully safe and controlled for both guests and receptionists

Several alternatives have already been developed in the past period to maintain distance and minimize contact, some of which are worth worth using in extreme situations.
The YAMMAYA entry system and card issuing machine offers a solution that allows employees and visitors to enter the building without contact. The presence of the receptionist is not required for the operation of the card issuer, and thanks to its simple use, arriving guests can easily obtain access cards or open the gates.

You can register using the kiosk in two ways:

  1. Receive an invitation previously from the building staff, which also contains a QR code – you can easily scan it with the kiosk's QR code reader, so that the data is automatically filled in and the card is immediately issued by the machine.
  2. Register yourself without an invitation (pre-registration) on the device or on your own mobile phone - the process is also contactless because the data must be entered on your own device or on the constantly disinfected display in order to receive a card – and also you do not have to contact with other people, or the receptionist.
The listed options help to preserve the health of arriving guests, and placing the kiosk in the reception area also has other safety functions.

By using the Yammaya system, we can contribute to making buildings and office buildings healthier, as visitors can receive cards contactless that are continuously disinfected - thereby reducing the risk of the spread of infections. We do not risk the well-being of the receptionist, and in an emergency situation it can continue to function as a proven solution.

We can support the WELL Health-Safety Rating with the contactless entry system to make your stay in the building safer from the moment you enter.
More information about the WELL certification can be found at wellstandard.hu or can be obtained from Regina Kurucz as a WELL consultant.
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