APFM-Systems services are secure

ISO 27001 certificate
In 2021, we created and implemented strict information security rules, which earned us a ISO 27001 certification. Every day, internet systems are under threat, against which there is no sure protection, only one that minimizes the risk. We are proud to say that in 2021 our company regulated its internal processes and assessed the risks in such a way that it was able to present them successfully during the audit.

Even a minor problem (code error, weak password, bad server setup) can mean the interface is open for attack, and serious damage can occur as a result of system blocking and information leakage.

Among the important and now indispensable advantages of having an ISO 27001 certificate are the following:

  • The most important thing is to assess risks and develop plans against possible threats so that nothing can happen unexpectedly
  • Ensuring the continuous operation of the business, including during emergencies, by building up adequate reserves for it
  • Facilitating the protection of confidential information, which only authorised persons have access to, and restoring it more quickly in the event of an attack

What solution can an ISO 27001 certified service provider such as APFM-Systems Kft provide for this within the business life?

Most of all, a greater sense of security and trust when using a service whose providers manage the partner's data with regulated information security and related risk management.

Supporting the business processes of our clients is one of our top priorities. We place great emphasis on the regulated and deliberate operation of our systems and the creation of the highest level of security available. In itself, ISO 27001 does not guarantee inviolability or uninterrupted operation, but it indicates that the certificate holder has fully assessed and minimized operational risks, thereby enhancing the protection and security of their partners' data.