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Equipment donation
At the beginning of 2022, APFM-Systems Kft. donated 15 computers and other IT equipment to the Városmajori Károly Kós Primary School. Our goal was to alleviate problems related to online education and to provide the school with the latest technology. It was nice to see that machines, printers, and speakers were quickly put to use and appreciated. We are always happy to give, especially when we can make an immediate impact.
Most Hungarian schools do not use the latest computing devices. This problem was not glaring until educators were forced to move their lessons on-line in 2020. After technical problems appeared, it soon became clear that the equipment deficiencies were not on the students' end, but with the schools. Without devices that function 24 hours a day, it is not possible to teach students at home. Unfortunately, our public schools (among many others) lack the resources to solve these issues.
We hope that by providing modern IT equipment we can make daily life at Városmajori Károly Kós Primary School easier and more productive, and we sincerely hope that others will follow our example.
At APFM-Systems, we have the same expectations for computers as for education: they must be consistently reliable and available. We have been using and supplying laptops and PCs to our customers for many years, so we know which ones work with minimal maintenance and failure for 5 to 10 years.

In December 2021, we replaced some of the school's ageing printers and PCs. We responded to their request for new equipment, providing several identical computers, which we checked, enhanced, and then delivered to the institution.

Through our donation, IT devices bring modern technology to all of the school's classrooms, assisting the work of teachers and administrators alike. We also con tributed a high-performance laser color printer, which can be used to create high-resolution color images, such as handouts, worksheets and diplomas.
Computers and media tools facilitate the work of educators and increase students' willingness to learn. In addition to having constant access to information through the Internet, computers can help educators create and present more creative and interactive learning materials. Students can acquire and practice basic IT skills, which will be highly useful throughout their studies.

The additional machines mean that the school now has a sufficient number of computers to create a new computer science room in their library.

Our goal is to make the work of teachers easier and more efficient from 2022 with these indispensable tools, and to contribute to student development. We will continue to keep track of their IT demands and provide monitors, audio projectors and other devices when the time comes to replace obsolete equipment.