Successful Partnership Between First Facility and APFM-Systems

Proactive Maintenance and Rapid Fault Resolution, A Stable and Trackable Property Management System
As a member of the international First Facility Group and a leading player in the property management market of Central and Eastern Europe, First Facility Property Management Ltd. offers comprehensive facility management (FM) and property management (PM) services to its clients in prominent office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial facilities.

First Facility established it’s company 40 years ago and has been a significant presence in the Hungarian market for many years, expanding its portfolio with numerous new and diverse projects over time. Despite rapid growth, the company has maintained its core values. As their motto, "Always first," suggests, they strive to lead in as many areas as possible.
Interview with Gergely Szabó, CEO of First Facility: Sustainability and Efficiency in Property Management
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Our primary goal is to provide outstanding quality to our clients, ensuring high standards of operation and sustainability. Our partnership with APFM-Systems greatly assists us in this endeavor,
Says Gergely Szabó, CEO of First Facility. With 25 years of professional experience, Szabó leads and expands the company in Hungary with military-like preparedness and maximum professionalism. An advocate for innovation, Szabó began working with the company in 2011, bringing his pioneering ideas to APFM-Systems proptech expert, Dr. Viktor Hegedüs.
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We needed software that could track our complex operations and was easy to use.
This led to the integration of the AHD solution, tailored to meet First Facility's needs, which continues to support and follow the company's growth.
APFM-Systems AHD Solution: Flexibility and Comprehensive Solutions

The APFM-Systems AHD solution significantly enhances the efficiency of First Facility’s property management processes by providing a unified platform for managing all relevant data and processes. Through automated workflows and escalation processes, APFM-Systems ensures that issues are addressed timely and efficiently, thus increasing overall operational efficiency.

These functions include:

  • Fault reporting, management, and documentation
  • Creation, tracking, and documentation of maintenance plans
  • Use of task checklists
  • Equipment and condition tracking
  • Up-to-date reporting and report creation
  • Visitor registration

The APFM-Systems AHD solution can be integrated with other enterprise systems, such as accounting and ERP systems, further enhancing not only efficiency but also flexibility and data coherence across the organization.

Beyond Hungary, First Facility has successfully implemented the AHD solution in its services in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Serbia. The company continuously expands its portfolio and enters new markets to offer high-quality facility and property management services in the region.

The benefits of using the system are evident in multiple areas:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Real-Time Data
  • Automated Workflows
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Integration with Other Systems
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We are working to connect the APFM-Systems with other systems, ensuring the higher quality of our work.

The AHD is the basis of our statistical analyses and reports; it records everything, so deviations in values are immediately visible, making it easy to trace back and identify which part of a task needs examination for a quick solution. It continuously aids in measurements, fault resolution, and optimization.

Gergely Szabó
Tracking and Fault Resolution

For Gergely Szabó’s daily strategic and analytical analyses, complex transparency is essential. For a company with such a broad client base as First Facility, it is crucial to have clear visibility of planned tasks and to easily resolve and document ad-hoc problems.
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APFM-Systems is like armor or a protective umbrella for us: it records everything, so in case of an error, every step can be traced back, allowing for quick resolution of any issue. We can also create reports for our clients, further building trust in our maximum reliability.
The AHD solution system provides real-time data on property conditions, enabling proactive maintenance and rapid fault resolution, thus minimizing downtime. Additionally, its comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities allow management to track key performance indicators and continuously improve operations.
Stable, Reliable Long-Term Partnership with APFM-Systems

First Facility’s relationship with APFM-Systems demonstrates the power of predictable, stable collaboration. As First Facility continues to expand its client base and maintain its high standard of proactive operations, the partnership with APFM-Systems remains a crucial element of its stable and sustainable operations. The APFM-Systems AHD functions sustainably support and follow First Facility’s complex operations and grow alongside them. First Facility stands firm in facing future challenges and serving an even broader client base.
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We use multiple systems within the company. On projects where we can choose the system, and not the client, we opt for the well-proven APFM-Systems. This accounts for about 80-90% of our portfolio. We could virtually manage anything with this system, even the Houston NASA Space Center!

Gergely Szabó
CEO of First Facility